Black bean & kale salad

Try this amazing black bean and kale salad with chopped capsicum/peppers, avocado & roast pumpkin next time you need a health kick at work. Loaded with fresh and healthy ingredients this is the perfect mid morning snack or lunch accompaniment.

What you need:
1. Large handful of kale, baby spinach and rocket
2. Half a capsicum/pepper
3. Half a can of cooked black beans
4. Half an avocado
5. Some leftover roast pumpkin
6. A generous squeeze of fresh lime and lemon juice

1. Cut up your kale, capsicum and avocado
2. Mix your kale, spinach and rocket together and plate up
3. Add your roast pumpkin (we used leftovers from last nights dinner) capsicum and avocado onto your greenery
4. Grab a can of black beans and empty on top of your salad (tip: you can warm them up in the microwave if that twirls your beanie)
5. Add a good squeeze of lemon and lime to dress the salad!

Some Suggestions:
Here are our suggestions for great combinations using this salad as a base or accompaniment:

1. Add some tuna for an extra protein hit
2. Add to toasted tortillas to create yummy wraps
3. Use as an accompaniment to your lunch of grilled chicken, steamed fish or a giant baked potato

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