Toasted croissants

Toasted croissants with avocado, ham and melted cheese! Awesome breakfast idea that is not only simple but amazingly tasty!! This will fill you up pretty quickly so 1 halved croissant is plenty.

What you need
1 croissant
4 thick slices of good quality ham
4 slices of cheese
1/2 an avocado

1. Cut a large croissant in half and place each half ontop of your toaster (don’t put them into the toaster as they won’t fit)
2. Turn on the toaster and the hot air will toast your croissant (alternatively you can do all the toasting and melting in an oven if you have one at work)
3. Add mashed avocado and ham slices
4. Add sliced cheese and place croissants on your sandwich press so the lid sits just above them, wait for your cheese to melt
5. Sprinkle with cracked black pepper and devour!!!!!!

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