Leftover Pizza Toasties

Oh yeah!! Use your leftover pizza to make our gourmet ‘Leftover Pizza Toasties’. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before! It tastes amazing!!

What you need:
1. Leftover pizza (lots of different toppings)
2. Your imagination!!

1. Grab a bunch of leftover Pizza
2. Place two slices of different varieties ontop of each other (make sure the topping sides of each are together and the bottom of crust is on the outside)
3. Pop onto your toasted sandwich press and lower lid
4. Once cheese starts melting and crust is crunchy, remove and plate up!!
5. Mix it up by putting different ingredients in it as well

Some Suggestions:
Here are our suggestions for great combinations using different pizza types for the top and bottom slice of your toastie:

1. Vegetarian and BBQ Chicken
2. Pepperoni and Margarita
3. Hawaiian (Ham and Pinapple) and Cheese

We would love to hear your suggestions for awesome combinations! Comment below or reply to our facebook, instagram or google plus posts!

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